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USBands National Championships Tomorrow

NFA band member playing the snare drum at Southington.The NFA Wildcat Marching Band will take the field at MetLife Stadium tomorrow in the USBands Class III Open National Championship.  The band performs at 9:52 a.m. (and yes, that does say a.m., as in the morning). The band will travel to New Jersey by coach bus, departing NFA at 4:30 a.m. and returning around 8:30 p.m.  Full event details can be found at the USBands web site.  Please note that awards for Class III Open will be held at 2 p.m. at the Central Stage, near the main entrance to the stadium.  This is the first time the band has traveled to Nationals since (at least) 2009, but the performance will be a fitting end to a fantastic season that saw the Wildcats win the Connecticut State Championship in their division.

The Road to Nationals

Prior to the start of the 2013 season, there had been some talk of maybe going to Nationals, but no firm decision had been made.  As a result, neither the school nor the Boosters had included the event’s cost into their budgets.  Once the staff decided to make the trip, the band and boosters sprang into action, holding a variety of fundraisers, which ultimately raised enough money to nearly cover the entire cost of the trip.  The efforts included:

  • Vigorous fund-raising efforts at the Homecoming football game, including the sale of paper “Shakos.”  The shakos were ultimately put on a bulletin board outside the band room, lining a symbolic “Road to Nationals.”
  • Efforts by several parents to raise money at their places of employment.
  • A highly energetic effort to raise money at NFA.  Members of the NFA Community, including staff and faculty, made numerous and generous contributions to support the band.
  • An impromptu concession stand at the ECC Volleyball tournament, which was held at NFA.  Several parents were able to pull this fundraiser together on just over three-hours notice.
  • A pizza fundraiser, sponsored by the band council, at Tulli’s Restaurant, located in the Taftville section of Norwich.

Overall, it was encouraging to see members of the NFA community pull together to support the Wildcat Marching Band!



Wildcats Win State Championship

NE States 2013-26The Norwich Free Academy Wildcat Marching Band won the Class III Open Connecticut State Championship at the USBands New England State Championship on October 26, 2013.  The event was held at JFK Stadium in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  The Wildcats posted a score 86.7 and placed third among all Class III Open Bands in New England.

The Road to the Championship.  The Wildcats’ season started in July with the Midsummer Night’s Rehearsal and continued in August with band camp and band retreat at Camp Aldersgate in Rhode Island.  The band participated in five shows, including the NFA home show, the Fall Classic, which was held on October 5, 2013.  The Wildcat’s 2013 field show is titled Ka: Battlefield and features music and choreography inspired by the Cirque du Soleil show, Ka.

Ka red backgroundThe Journey Continues: The Road to Nationals.  While the New England State Championship is a major milestone in the Wildcat’s 2013 season, it will not be the end of the journey.  The band will travel to MetLife Stadium at the Meadowlands in New Jersey on November 9th to participate in the USBands Class III Open National Championship.  The Wildcats will also perform at home football games through the end of the season, including the Thanksgiving Day game versus New London.

Two Days to New England State Championship

Ka red backgroundThe NFA Wildcat Marching Band will compete compete for the USBands Class III Open New England States Championship this Saturday at J.F.K. Stadium in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  NFA is scheduled to perform at 7:54 p.m.  The stadium is located at 1 Lincoln Boulevard in Bridgeport.  Senior Drum Major, Olivia Lattimore, will be hosting a bonfire at her home Friday night from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m.

Wildcats Take First at Cheshire

Ka red backgroundThe NFA Wildcat Marching Band placed first in Class III Open at Cheshire High School’s “Music in Motion” competition on October 12, 2013.  The Wildcats delivered a show-stopping performance that brought the capacity crowd to its feet.  NFA scored 78.225 and took the Best Music and Best Percussion caption awards.  Three-time defending MAC champion, Naugatuck High School, placed second, with a score of 78.20.

NFA will perform at Homecoming on October 19.  The band’s next competition will be the New England State Championships on October 26.

WMB Set to Open 2013 Season

Ka red backgroundThe Norwich Free Academy Wildcat Marching Band will open the 2013 competitive season on Saturday, September 21st at the Robert E. Fitch High School in Groton, Connecticut.  The Fitch show, Sounds by the Sea, starts at 5:00 p.m. with NFA performing at 6:15 p.m.  The day begins with the NFA Football Game, and NFA will be performing at half time before departing for Fitch.

Wildcats No. 2 in Connecticut

NFA Wildcat Marching Band performs at the 2012 New England ChampionshipThe Norwich Free Academy Wildcat Marching Band concluded its 2012 competitive season at the USBands New England Championship on November 3rd.  Held at JFK Stadium in Bridgeport, Connecticut, the event hosted 41 bands from across New England.  The Wildcat Marching Band placed third overall–and second in Connecticut–in Class III Open.   Continue reading

NFA No. 2 Seed for NE Championships

Two NFA Wildcat Marching Band clarinet players performing at SouthingtonThe NFA Wildcat Marching Band is the number two seed in Class III Open for this weekend’s New England States Championship.  NFA will perform at 6:49 p.m.  The championship will be held at Central High School’s JFK stadium in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Other bands competing in Class III Open: Oakmont Regional High School, Norwood High School, Rockville High School, Danbury High School, Cranston High School East and Cheshire High School.  To view the complete schedule for the New England States Championship, please visit the USBands site.

Music of the Knight

NFA band member playing the snare drum at Southington.The NFA Wildcat Marching Band participated in Southington High School’s Music of the Night band festival on Saturday, October 27, 2012 posting a score of 85.825 in USBands Class III Open competition and winning the caption award for best visual.  While NFA placed fourth, the competition was especially keen, with only 0.6 points separating NFA from the the bands placing third and second–Cranston and Rockville respectively.  Cheshire placed first, with a score of 88.475. Continue reading

The WMB Trifecta

WMB drummer performing at Fitch High SchoolOn Saturday, October 20, the NFA Wildcat Marching Band achieved a kind of marching band trifecta, performing three times over the course of over eight hours.  The day began at the “Sounds by the Sea,” hosted by Fitch High School in Groton, Connecticut.  The Wildcat Marching Band posted a score of 75.05 in USBands Class III Open competition.  To view complete results, please visit the USBands web site.  Immediately after their performance, the band departed for NFA, arriving back on campus just in time to perform at half time of the NFA Homecoming football game against Stamford.  The band enjoyed an exceptionally warm reception from the Homecoming crowd, especially the large number of marching band alumni who were on hand.

After the Homecoming game. the band departed for Rockville High School.  The band posted a score of 81.5, placing second behind Cheshire High School.  The band finally returned to NFA at around midnight, putting the cap on a long, but productive, day.  During the day’s three performances, the band revealed new visual effects, including new props inspired by minimalist art work.

The band’s next stop will be Southington High School on October 28.

Fall Classic a Success

Several Wildcat Marching Band alumni escort the band onto the field at the 2012 ClassicThe Wildcat Marching Band and Wildcat Band Boosters hosted the nineteenth annual NFA Fall Classic on Saturday, October 13, 2012.  Five local marching bands competed: Putnam High School, East Lyme High School, The Gilbert School, Plainfield high School and Robert E. Fitch High School.  To see official results, please visit the USBands web site.   Continue reading