Petition Drive to Reinstate Music Education in Norwich

Wildcat LogoFriends of Music:  An effort is underway to reinstate instrumental and choral music at Norwich Middle Schools.  The following information was provided by Mark Cook, who is championing this effort.  If you would like to support this effort, please contact him directly at

“Attention Norwich Residents: An effort is being made to reinstate instrumental & choral music education back into the day curriculum at both Kelly and Teachers’ Memorial middle schools in Norwich.  If you are a Norwich resident and you value the benefits of music education for Norwich Public School middle school students, please let us know if we can add your name to our petition seeking to reinstate music education at Kelly & Teachers’ Memorial.  Please reply here or email Mark Cook at  Please note, you must be a Norwich resident to be included on the petition.”

Click here to view petition letter:  NORWICH PARENTS AND RESIDENTS FOR MUSIC



  1. Alecia Ali

    Please, put music back in to the schools. It is a necessity and brings a higher quality to children’s lives.

  2. Janet Laflamme

    Please put my name on the list. My daughter is taking violin with Nancy Ziemski (an excellent strings instructor) and would love the opportunity to play with other students.

  3. Eric Reguin

    I had the amazing opportunity to be a part of the Norwich music program starting at Greenville Elementary School, through Kelly Middle School, and my 4 years at NFA in the concert band, parade band, Marching Band, and Jazz band. I would be honored if you add my name to this petition.

  4. The DivaStyle Coach

    I’m a Norwich resident and my son Ronald Charles Daniels and daughter Ariana Elizabeth Daniels are both NFA Alumni. My daughter was also part of the Marching Band and the Concert Band. Count me in as a supporter!

  5. Mark Vanase

    I’m a Norwich resident who remembers learning the chords for “Country Roads” at Kelly many years ago. Let the kids make some music together. Count me in.

  6. Michelle Vanase-Frawley

    Please add my name to the petition. I have very happy memories of singing in the choir at Wequonnoc school back in the 80’s.

  7. Jessica Bruce

    I use lessons from middle school music to this day still. So very important. I attribute my successes, such as they are, in large part to the music programs in Norwich public schools.

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